Our History

Founded in 2016, the Alliance for Advanced Sanitation began as a program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL).
With a strong history of developing meaningful research programs and collaborations with industry, UNL
worked to bring together leaders in the food industry and key supply partners to develop the concepts and
goals of an alliance that would enhance sanitation, advancing the technology and practices necessary for
the future. Today, the Alliance has evolved into a non-profit organization working with key stakeholders in the food supply chain who believe that making our food system safer requires team work and dedication to a higher calling.

We will critically look at issues shared by many and attempt to solve them in a manner that can only be achieved through this unique collaboration between these organizations.

Thanks to our founding members we’ve come so far…

3M · Cargill · Commercial Food Sanitation · Conagra · Ecolab Frontier Co-op · Hershey’s · Kellogg’s · Neogen

  • Corporate Membership
    • Corporate members join as sustaining members of the Alliance, or as active research partners. In either of these capacities, members will be recognized for their leadership in making our food system stronger.
      • Sustaining Member
      • Research Member
  • Individual Membership
    • Individual members receive access member-only access to training programs and educational content and certification that is verifiable.