Members play an important role in shaping the research and direction of the Alliance and have access to unique research information. The Alliance is funded by annual dues from its members.

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Who should join the Alliance:

  • Food production and processing companies of all sizes
  • Food service, restaurant chains, grocery and specialty production operations
  • Food ingredient transportation operations
  • Food processing and packaging equipment manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of cleaners, sanitizers, consumable products, coatings, laboratory and testing product manufacturers and service providers etc.

Full Members

Full members have voting rights and a minimum three-year renewable commitment. Annual dues for full membership are broken down into four categories based upon the number of global employees.

Membership is based on the number of employees in the company:

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members have a minimum three-year renewable commitment and may join the Alliance at the discretion of the director.

The annual membership fee is $5000.00 for affiliate members.

Fee per year

Membership type

No. of global employees


Tier One

< 500


Tier Two



Tier Three



Tier Four