Is there a better way to conduct environmental monitoring?

Yes indeed. We conducted studies that demonstrated benefits in using swabbing data obtained at the cleanest and the dirtiest point in a facility. Overall, we have successfully mapped the clusters of organisms that reside in a microbiome of a food processing facility, and explore this data to conduct better preventive control of the plant environment.

What risk does condensation have on food?

Condensing water droplets can be a big problem for the food industry. But how much? We attempted to find out by mimicking condensation on pipes in a controlled environment. We wanted to know how if pathogens like Listeria can be transported across the surface via condensation. As you might suspect, the answer is yes and as little as one drop of moisture can lead to Listeria being transported across several feet of the surface. This finding shows us that cleaning a single drop of moisture needs to be carefully handled with the right protocol to prevent contaminating other areas of a processing plant.

What is the right protocol?

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